Want to strengthen your mid-section or just burn fat without the hassle of excruciating and time-consuming workout? Don’t worry and don’t feel guilty because while everyone wants nice abs, not everyone wants to workout.  Good thing the Abs Belt is here to provide you supreme abdominal toning with a push of a button.

You are probably thinking does the ABs Belt work? Here’s a short information on the things you need to know about the ABs Belt before making your purchase.


What is the Abs Belt? How does the Abs belt work?

The Abs Belt is an abdominal toning device engineered to stimulate your core muscles and induce muscle contraction. Through constant contraction over time, your abdominal muscles develop and get toned. The Abs Belt is wrapped around the waist placing three gel pads that serve as the device’s electrodes to transmit impulses from the controller. Various sports professionals around the world such as athletes, sports scientists, and physical therapists use Abs Belts to aid in muscle training and conditioning.

The contraction is induced by what is called an EMS or electrical muscle stimulation that releases targeted electrical currents to your body. The medical-grade EMS technology used by the Abs Belt requires electrodes or gel pads in the inner side of the belt to touch your skin and send electrical pulses to make fat burning and muscle building easier for you.

The Abs Belt is equipped with three high-quality Gel Pads. The electrical pulses run through the gel pads and reach your nerves and stomach muscles allowing it to contract and relax within specific time intervals. The precision-targeting mechanism of the Abs Belt works out all of your abdominal muscles at the same time.

The Abs Belt is the future of abdominal muscle toning.

Abs Belt Pros and Cons


-    Effortlessly firmer abs – as you can use the Abs Belt while watching TV, exercising, folding your laundry, or helping your child do his homework, you can get the abs you’ve always dreamed of with little to no effort at all!

-    Backed up by science – the Abs Belt technology is solidly founded on numerous scientific studies that prove how EMS technology aids muscle building and fat burning.

-    Stimulates all major stomach muscles – the Abs Belt targets all major abdominal muscles such as the upper abs, the lower abs, and even your obliques.


-    Abs Belt is NOT Liposuction – Remember that the Abs Belt is not a liposuction device and cannot eliminate your beer belly in an instant. Excess fats can be a problem with Abs Belt, especially for obese users. The Abs Belt is designed to send electrical currents to muscles, but with excessive fats blocking it, results may seem disappointing at first. The excess fats actually prevent the electrical current from reaching the muscle and doing its job.

-    Abs Belts can be harmful to people with implanted electro-medical devices – The Abs belt may be harmful to people with pacemakers and defibrillators among other internal electronic devices implanted into the body. The electrical pulses sent by the Abs Belt may interfere with the signals and rhythm of internal electronic devices.

Ab Belt vs. Traditional Workout

When put to the test, a 10-minute Abs Belt routine fares even better than your traditional 1-hour sit-up sets. Traditional workout routines such as sit-ups and crunches can only target specific abdominal muscles. In order to work out the other muscles of the stomach, you would have to use a different exercise regime. For instance, working out your oblique muscles would require you to modify your sit-ups, so your sides can develop as well.

Abs Belts are designed to mimic the results of a full body workout but with greater efficiency through its EMS technology. The workout you get by using a flex belt is actually more than what you’ll get from exercising traditionally.

With the Abs Belt’s medical grade-EMS technology, all your major stomach muscles are exercised at the same time. Contraction currents can be adjusted up to 150 depending on your preference – but the higher the digits, the more frequent the contractions are. On its maximum performance, a 10-minute Abs Belt routine is equivalent to a one-hour workout using your traditional exercise routines.


There’s an overwhelming market of muscle stimulators around today that promises to provide you complete workout without exerting any effort at all. To help you make up your mind, here are a few things you should know about the Abs Belt:

Does the flex belt work on love handles?

The last bits of fat in your abdominal area – the love handles, are stubborn fats that don’t go away with simple exercise and diet. Needed are precision-targeting devices such as the Abs Belt in order to tone the muscle area and totally eliminate the fats. Despite regular cardio and a lot of other agonizing workout routines, love handles are always the last fatty area of the body you just can’t get rid of.

Aside from being a total turn off, love handles can also indicate a number of health implications such as high blood pressure and diabetes. But all of that becomes secondary to the fact that love handles just don’t look good on anyone.  Thanks to Abs Belt, love handles won’t be staying for too long. Abs Belt’s Gel Pads cover your obliques and love handles. This allows the gradual reduction of fat and muscle toning your love handles to fitness.

Flex Belt Programs and Training Tips

The Flex Belt has 10 available programs you can choose from. A Flex Belt Program is what determines the impulse or vibration patterns which can be done in varying intensity levels (up to 150). To achieve the best results at the soonest time possible, here are a few tips you can consider before starting with your Flex Belt program:

-    Do some cardio – While using the Flex Belt, you can actually insert a few aerobic exercises to follow your abs routine. Start by doing a 30-second continuous exercise such as jogging or using your indoor cardiovascular machine. Some also do a bit of Zumba, shadow boxing, or skipping before doing their Flex Belt routine.

-    Select intensity level – The Flex Belt offers intensity levels of up to 150. Intensity levels refer to the strength of the electric impulses being sent to your muscle areas. Some would find higher levels of intensity quite uncomfortable which makes it important for you to select a level you can bear. Start your workout by identifying which level you are comfortable with and work your way up to the top.

-    Use it twice daily – A recommended way of using the Flex Belt is to use it twice a day with at least 8-hour intervals between the first and last session. As with the first tip, best to do cardio in between the sessions to achieve the best results in no time.

Does the flex belt burn belly fat?

The Flex Belt’s EMS strength can reach up to 150 intensity levels compared to previous versions and other products that only accommodate up to 99 intensity levels. With stronger currents, subcutaneous fats such as the belly fat, won’t block the EMS transmissions and reach your muscle area for a perfect toning therapy. 

Flex Belt VS Other Belts

Slendertone Belt

The Slendertone waist trimmer is a vibrating belt that is quite similar to the Flex Belt. It uses the same EMS technology, but with a lower intensity capacity. Slendertone has only up to 130 intensity levels while Flex Belt boasts up to 150 intensity levels. Independent studies have proven that 100% of tested users felt stronger, firmer and a lot toner after 6 weeks of using the product at 30 minutes per day and 5 times a week. The Slendertone is available on its list price from $89.99-$299.99USD across all online sellers.

Your Weigh

Your Weigh abdominal belt is a comfortable fit on the midsection and is designed for users with a little more fat than usual. The upside is that it is a powerful alternative to other abdominal belts and offers an MP3 player pocket. The downside, however, is that because it’s designed to fit larger users, customers who are leaner might not get the same comfortable fit and experience. Another pro this product offers is that it is less expensive than the other brands and is available for purchase online for about 40 bucks.

Bracoo SCY10B

The Braco SCY10B is packaged as a combination of ‘innovative technology’ and ‘high-quality materials’ for about $20.00 or even less depending on where you’re looking. The Bracoo SCY10B offers muscle toning technology that’s similar to Flex Belt. One problem with this product is that it can’t really accommodate plus size customers. The Bracoo SCY10B can only fit up to 40 inches while the Flex Belt allows up to 52 inches without breaking.

Who is the flex belt for?

The Flex Belt was designed and tested for prospective users with body mass index rates under 30. While test results for users with BMI rates fewer than 30 fared well, obese users might find it a bit longer for results to kick in. Excessive fats have the tendency to block the electronic impulses being sent by the controller and may take longer to see results. In addition, the Abs Belt is recommended to be used complementary to regular diet and exercise in order to reach the best results at the soonest time possible.

How long will it take before I can expect to see results?

With only 6 weeks of Flex Belt training, you can already notice some changes in your abdominal muscles. You’ll feel your abdominals are getting firmer, a bit stronger every time you use the belt

Does it hurt? Is it safe?

User experience with Flex Belt sensation is quite different. The EMS pulse coursing through the stomach area feels weird at first. But when you get a hang of it after a few minutes of wearing, the weird feeling goes away, and you can go ahead doing your chores or continue watching your favorite show on TV as the Flex Belt does wonders to your body. Surprisingly, the Flex Belt also does not make any noise which is perfect if you’re reading a book or studying for exams.

The flex belt doesn’t hurt a bit and is FDA-approved. With its FDA approval, the product is guaranteed to be safe and is proven to have gone through a rigorous screening process to ensure its safety.

Is the Flex Belt a Scam? Does the Flex Belt Work?

With so many vibrating belts available nowadays, it’s hard not to ask: does the ab Flex Belt really work? Normally, getting that hard-earned abdominal pack takes several months of going to the gym and changing your entire lifestyle completely.

But here comes a product telling you to throw all of that knowledge away because it can offer the same results without going to the gym or without exerting that much effort at all.

After six weeks of using the product, users are expected to lose an average of 20 pounds off of their bellies, reduced their love handle fat deposits and had those six-pack abdominals starting to form. Results may differ across demographics, but based on our experience, the Flex Belt is far from being a scam.

Flex belt for arms and legs

Get rid of that cellulite hanging up your arms and legs with the Flex Belt. EMS technology and specialized gel pads that fit your arms and legs comfortably allow precision-targeting electronic impulses to stimulate muscles in your arms and legs. This muscle stimulator technology aims to eliminate unwanted fats and firm up your biceps and quads without the hassle of going to the gym.

How Much Does the Flex Belt Cost? Where Can I Buy the Flex belt in stores?

A flex belt costs around 60 to 200 USD depending on the brand and where you want to buy it. For a product that promises you to be able to watch TV while working out, that’s a reasonable enough price. You can purchase the flex belt online via official websites or through Amazon, or eBay. You can also check major stores nationwide.

Flex belt for butt

A perfectly firm pair of buttocks and thighs can now be possible with Flex Belt Mini Thigh and Butt Toner. Using the same EMS technology as the Abs Belt, this device is designed especially for the butt and thigh areas giving a complete muscular workout. According to clinical results, the device has seen 88% success rates among trial runs.

Flex Belt customer reviews

It’s always important to look at customer feedback especially when you’re choosing the right product for your needs. You need an honest opinion on the product from people who have already experienced it. Here are some of the things customers liked and did not like the flex belt:

What customers liked:

-    You can do anything while using it

-    Safe to use

-    It only takes 30 minutes per day

-    Easy to use

What customers didn’t like:

-    Gel pads often need replacement (up to 30 sessions only)

-    Results take longer for obese users


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  2. Been using the flex-belt for 6 mths on 150 setting for 30 mins aday.
    The ems pulse is intense & firming,it wouldn’t give you a 6 pack abs.You need abs exercises to help in that.

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