Ab wheels Benefits – Could the AB Wheel be for You?

Ab wheels Benefits; could the Ab Wheel be for you?

A lot of people are chasing the famous six-pack abs at this time of year, and the web is almost overflowing with “the best guide to great abs” posts, but let us just get one thing straight right away; you can not get washboard abs without putting in the work. Now, how you want to work out is entirely up to you.

We have discovered that a lot of people want their workouts to be as simple and effective as possible, and to add to this, they want to do it at home! Now, what we have figured out, is that an Ab Wheel might just be the solution, for those of us who want to be able to work out at home, without having to flood our living room with all kinds of gym equipment. And this is important especially to us living in apartments, where we might not have the room to store all kinds of different benches and machines.

So, we set out to investigate if it really could be true that great things come in small packages, and decided to take a closer look at the Ab Wheel benefits.

do ab rollers work: 10 good reasons to use an Ab Wheel

#1. It is compact

Now, when we are talking gym equipment, not all people have their own private gym in their house. Some of us live in small apartments, where we simply do not have the room for a bench press, a stomach press, cable pulls and weight racks. So, what do you do? With an Ab Wheel, all you need to store is a piece of equipment that can fit in a backpack. Some wheels can be disassembled for even more compact storage – although, if you cannot store an Ab Wheel, it really is time to tidy up a bit.

#2. It strengthens your entire body

Where many machines in the gym are made for one specific muscle group, it is actually possible to get a full body workout from just using an Ab Wheel. In fact, when using an Ab Wheel, it is actually quite hard to ignore some muscle groups. This makes sure that you always get a balanced workout – at home!

#3. Your neck will thank you

We have all tried doing crunches, and we have all had the feeling of being sore in the neck afterward. The reason for this is that we tend to try and "pull" our body up with our arms since this is the muscle group that we associate most with heavy lifting (except our legs), which results in both an ineffective ab exercise, as well as a sore neck. Now, you will not have this problem when using an Ab Wheel, because it is a smooth movement, where all of the muscle contractions feel natural.

#4. You will gain a better posture

As your core gets stronger, you will automatically get a better posture. A lot of back problems are actually due to weak abs. Without strong abs and back muscles, your body will not be able to keep itself in a correct upright position. So, by using an Ab Wheel, you actually give yourself a better posture, since you are strengthening the muscles responsible for keeping your back in place.

#5. You will gain better core balance

Since the Ab Wheel is – as the name suggests, a wheel, this means that it will pivot. This means effectively that your body is forced to stay balanced in stressful positions, which will increase your core balance – and also your core strength. This will make it easier for you to do more advanced exercises in time.

#6. It will not break the bank

An Ab Wheel is a relatively cheap piece of equipment – and considering that fact that you really only need one kind of equipment, it does not get much better than this. Some Ab Wheels actually cost less than just a month worth of gym membership – and that is without the signup fee!

#7. It is highly versatile

As mentioned before, the Ab Wheel is a great machine for increasing your core strength. But with all the different kinds of exercises, you can also train your glutes, thighs, shoulders, and much more. It’s hard to get as many exercises out of a single machine, without using cables pulls.

#8. It is effective

Ab Wheels work. Enough said. And we would argue that it is indeed more effective than larger machines, because, with the Ab Wheel, you have only one piece of equipment that you need to get to know. This means that switching between different exercises is fast and easy to control – where with other more advanced types of equipment, you might not fully understand how to use the equipment correctly. With an Ab Wheel, the strength is to a large part to be found in its simplicity.

#9. It is durable

Ab Wheels have very few moving parts, and they are all built to last. Most workout routines you can do at home require rubber bands or cables of some sorts. These rubber bands break, they tear, and then you need to get new ones. An Ab Wheel cannot dry out like rubber bands can. You cannot push it too far. It is built to last, and it will.

#10. It is easy to learn

Sure -when we are talking about a piece of equipment where you can virtually get a full body workout, a lot of people might think that it is very complicated to learn. However, it is not. Think of it this way: In a full body workout with machines, there are lots and lots of exercises, but there is also lots and lots of equipment that you need to learn. With the Ab Wheel you still have many exercises, but just one single piece of equipment.

how to use ab wheel? 

To figure out how an Ab Wheel Work, let us start with the basics. 

The machine itself is a wheel with two handles on it. You grab these handles – typically with your hands (although it can also be operated with your feet for leg exercises). The way it works is first of all, that it puts you off balance.

If you place your knees and hands on the ground, you have four contact points. However, with the Ab Wheel, you only have three. This means that as you roll the wheel further away from you, more of the weight of your torso is now balancing on the wheel, meaning that your body needs to compensate for any sway. This is what helps strengthen your core muscles. This effect is amplified if you place your feet on an elevated surface.

The main difference between using an Ab Wheel, and by doing traditional ab workouts is that with the Ab Wheel, more muscles come into play. This means that more of your muscles need to work together, and in return give you a more intense and balanced workout. Another reason, of course, is that you can target a lot more muscle groups with an Ab Wheel, than with traditional ab workouts. It would almost be faster to say which muscle groups the Ab Wheel does not work. However, simply for good measure, we have decided to list muscle groups the Ab Wheel does work:

List muscle groups the Ab Wheel does work

• Hips

• Shoulders

• Triceps

• Abdominal Muscles

• Back muscles

And with the right exercises, you can also target the following:

• Hamstrings

• Glutes

• Calves

• Thighs 

5 of the best ab roller workout you can use with an Ab Wheel

#1. The Plank

This is one of the fundamental ab wheel exercises for beginners when working out. All beginners should go to this exercise first.

1. Start out on all fours

2. Grab the handles on the Ab Wheel with palms downward.

3. Push your torso upwards, remember to keep your whole body straight.

4. Hold the position for a half to a whole minute.

Reps: 3-4

#2. Knee roll

1. Start by kneeling on the floor, or preferably on a mat.

2. Grab the handles with your arms stretched, and keep them stretched throughout the exercise.

3. Slowly roll forward until your stomach is close to the ground

4. Roll back in towards your knees

Reps: 5-10

#3. Wide roll

• Standing with your feet spread (wider than your hip)

• Bend down and grab the handles

• Keep your back straight, and your arms stretched, and roll until your arms are over your head, and your body is just above the ground.

• Roll back towards your feet

Reps: 5-10

#4. Narrow Roll

• Standing with your feet together

• Bend down and grab the handles

• Keep your back straight, and your arms stretched, and roll until your arms are over your head, and your body is just above the ground.

• Roll back towards your feet

Reps: 5-10

#5. V Rolls

This is an exercise that works your sides, as well as relieve a lot of different back problems.

1. Start out on all fours

2. Grab the handles

3. Keep your arms extended, and slowly roll out towards the right, at 45 degrees.

4. Return

5. Slowly roll towards the left, at 45 degrees

6. Return

Reps: 5-10


Now, when we are talking about workouts, there is always the more serious note. Any workout done incorrectly can end up hurting you. That is a fact, no matter what type of equipment you use. And the Ab Wheel is not without its dangers. A common mistake when using an Ab Wheel, is that people let their lower backdrop. What this means, is that your back is actually taking "the hit" from the exercise that was meant for your abs, and even though there are strong muscles in the back, they are not made to withstand this particular type of stress. Therefore, you must always keep your back straight when using an Ab Wheel.

Another issue is that some stretching exercise can be harmful, even if performed correctly. That could be happen if your shoulders are not strong enough to control the wheel. If it is being let loose, there is a chance that you will roll too fast, and that this can hurt your shoulders.

Now, people often ask if it is safe to work your abs every day. It is safe, and it is possible (the abs regenerate faster than other muscle groups), but in all fairness – you probably should stay away from working abs every day. In general, when you work your abs they will be tense the following hours. This does put a strain on your back, and keeping that strain in a more or less constant situation, is not good for your posture. And keep in mind that with the Ab Wheel, you are indirectly training more muscle groups than just your abs – and these muscles need their rest. So to answer the question – yes you can, but you probably shouldn’t.

sum up 

To sum up this post, the Ab Wheel is for those of you who want to be able to do your workouts at home, without a lot of equipment. It will deliver results and is an effective way to increase both your core strength, as well as your abs.

how long does it take to get abs?

Now, a lot of people are wondering if they have time to get in that "summer shape". All we can say is that it depends on a lot of factors. Your starting weight, fat percentage, your motivation – and your diet and exercise. Experts say that it takes, for the most part, 3 to 20 months to get a six pack – and this goes for both men and women. But this all depends on your current level of body fat, and what you are doing other than working out.

You can exercise all you want, but if you do not eat healthy as well, you may never achieve that dream of the Baywatch-look. However, if you already eat healthily, you work out moderately, and you are really determined to get those washboard abs, an Ab Wheel can definitely help you achieve that – as well as making sure that it is not just for show, but that your core muscles are also getting stronger, and your whole body is, in fact, getting more toned

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