Is Coca-Cola Bad for You: Drinking Coca-Cola vs. Fitness

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Are you a Coca-Cola can't do without kind of a person? Then definitely there are a lot of things you don't know about it, starting from its content up to the adverse effects it may cause to your body. What we may be aware of is that Coca-Cola contains high levels of sugar but do we really know what that content does to our bodies after we take coke? To at least get an idea of how the drink affects your health and fitness, consider the following headlines.

Why is coke bad for you?

If a 300ml bottle of coke contains an estimate of up to 10 teaspoons of sugar, is this not dangerous to your health? This is definitely a concern to many people, and in order to fully understand how harmful coke is to one's body, a lot of research has been done concerning cokes ingredients and recipes and their effects to human body.

A professional health researcher Wade Meredith argues that Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid that prevents one from vomiting immediately after taking coke. He also adds that coke causes obesity, diabetes, and dental issues. To reduce health risks associated with coke, World Health Organization has recommended that one should not take more than six teaspoons of sugar per day.

What coke does to your body? 

What many people don't know is that coke has immediate effects despite it being popular all over the world. For instance, after 20 minutes of taking coke, blood sugar level rises causing the insulin to burst. The liver then starts turning any sugar it comes into contact with to fat. The excess fat is what causes obesity and other related illnesses.

In 40 minutes time after absorption of caffeine is complete, more sugar is added into the bloodstream by the liver due to dilation of the pupils and increase in blood pressure. Is this all? No! An hour after, minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc are constrained in the intestines by the phosphoric acid thus increasing digestion effectiveness. Coke is also associated with an increase in digestion which leads to more excretion of calcium mineral. As this process dies down, you may hydrate and I' m sure you may not want to experience this.

Aspartame Poisoning

You probably may not have heard of the term aspartame poisoning? Well, this is not rocket science; it's another term for amino sweet/nutra sweet. It's an artificial sweetener added in many diet sodas and it's said to contain Phenylalanine. The major symptoms of aspartame poisoning are; headaches, dizziness, unclear vision and increased blood pressure.

Aspartame poisoning can cause muscle complications, therefore, affecting ones working ability. But since we all want to stay away from hospitals, and as far as aspartame poisoning is concerned, it's advisable to avoid taking foods and drinks which contain artificial sweeteners, although that does not mean you are totally safe from aspartame poisoning. This is because phenylalanine also occurs naturally in foods rich in proteins such as eggs, meat, and milk.

What are the ingredients of Coca-Cola? 

Though its formulae has been hidden, the following are some of the commonly known coke-cola ingredients; Sugar, which gives the drink the sweet taste we all enjoy. Carbonated water, water which makes about 90% of Coke and its purified using carbon dioxide which gives it bubbles. Also, phosphoric acid is used to give the drink its stimulating effect. Caramel color is also used to categorize its uniqueness. To give coke drink its sourness the company uses Caffeine. The natural flavors which give it essence and uniqueness and it's the most protected part of the formulae as they say. Finally, the drink contains ingredients sourced from genetically modified crops commonly known as GMOs.

Though it might not be a health concern to many people, effects of coke cola are very evident in the recent days. But what could happen to your body when you drink Coke? The following are some of the most renowned effects of Coke-Cola. One is weight gain-the liver convert's excess sugar contained in drinks into fat which is deposited in the stomach or the abdominal area. According to Harvard school of public health, drinks such as coke are some of the leading causes of weight gain.

But how dangerous can weight gain be? 

Weight gain may increase one's chances of getting heart diseases, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Also, Coke cola causes diabetes as a result of taking excess sugar which increases blood sugar pressure. Premature aging-people who drink sugar-sweetened beverages suffer from the early extinction of chromosomes such as telomeres which results in less regeneration of cells. A reduction in sperm count is another effect of coca cola for people who drink more sugar-sweetened drinks.

Though the average pH of the body lies between (1.5 to 3.7), phosphoric acid contained in most drinks contains a pH of around 2.7 which makes it acidic enough to corrode teeth. Another coke effect is that it causes Peptic Ulcers as a result of the excess acid which erodes some parts of the stomach intestine and esophagus leading to sores which may bleed leading to serious health issues. Not forgetting bloating, though it's not a serious health condition, it can make someone very uncomfortable after taking some of these soft drinks. Bloating is characterized by the urge to pass gas, fullness in the stomach and painful abdomen. Lastly but not the least caffeine-containing sodas irritate the sores.

Having looked at some of the effects of coke-cola

It's also good to highlight some of its benefits. One, coke loosens stomach blockage because the acid in coke helps to break down stomach blockages. This is according to journals published by alimentary pharmacology and therapeutics. Two, sodium bicarbonates found in coca cola drinks when mixed with carbon dioxide help loosen stomach blockages, according to a research done by Athens University. Also, when coke is added to beans during cooking, it neutralizes the gas causing properties which reduces the possibility of bloating.

That's not all! Caffeine found in coke makes you alert during relaxation and also helps in treating asthma by opening the lung airways for people suffering from coughing and other asthma symptoms. The phosphoric acid in coke helps to harden hair cuticles which in turn make the hair look soft and smooth.

Coke-Cola Alternatives

In order to reduce the adverse health effects caused by drinking coke, alternatives such as plant-based milk which includes almond, soy etc, premium hydration which is made of water and beverages, tea, coffee, innovative health beverages such as Kombucha, natural and organic beverages, unsweetened beverages are useful to help you stay healthy and fit.

Water! Though it's considered to be a boring drink by many, Harvard School of Public Health argues that plain water is the healthiest drink on earth. Eight glasses of water every day is even much better than coke. Nutrition experts argue that, in a single day human body loses 8 cups of water which could lead to dehydration. Therefore they highly recommend taking pure water which has many benefits and does not contain calories or artificial additives.

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