How To Use Sauna Suit For Weight Loss

Sauna Suits – the holy grail of weight loss, or a dangerous plastic coffin?

If you’re a little into weight loss, you have probably already heard of sauna suits. Perhaps you’ve seen some MMA fighters or boxers wear them before a matchup, and now they’re being advertised all over the web, as the secret behind effective weight loss. I have never tried one myself, so before I spent a lot of money on a piece of plastic, I set out to find out exactly how to use a sauna suit for weight loss.

Does this kind of sweat suit make different?

Now, one thing you should know about these suits is that there are a lot of different claims towards the effectiveness of the product. The funny thing is that both of the claims are in the extremes – meaning, that either the tester bought the product it worked tremendously, or someone bought it, and it didn't work at all. There seems to be no middle-of-the-road, which may seem a bit odd. However, the logic behind it is fairly sound. By increasing body weight and perspiration, you increase metabolism. Now, there are also some headlines like "DANGERS of sauna suits!", which indicates that although it can be a great weight loss body suit, it might not be for everybody. 

How does it work? 

The way a sauna suit works is by trapping heat close to your body, which makes you lose extra water, and make the body seem more toned, as well as helps burn extra calories. Some sites list an experiment from Western State Colorado University, which deliver almost unbelievable results; so apparently, it is possible to get good results by using a sauna suit – but something that was quite different about this, was that they used neoprene suits.

The vast majority of the suits available online is made of plastic, which made me wonder if these worked just as well. The neoprene suit for weight loss are a bit more expensive than the plastic ones, but in return, they are claimed to be more durable. The way they work is by retaining heat and sweat so that your body doesn’t cool down. This is supposed to increase metabolism – and in return, get those pounds melting away.

How to use weight loss sauna sweat suits?

Sauna suits are most effective when doing the cardio workout.

It’s designed to increase body temperature by decreasing evaporation of sweat from the skin. Therefore, you will get the best results with a sauna suit, when you’re doing exercises that gets you sweating in the first place. Typically, people use it while running, spinning, or doing another kind of cardio exercises.

Now, always make sure that you drink plenty of fluids while using a sauna suit since you will lose a lot of liquid when you get the sweat going. Always make sure that the suit has a pretty tight fit around the wrists and ankles (and waist, if you’re using a two-piece model). 

Sauna suit weight loss results? 

The amount of weight loss in a sauna suit depends on the brand. Some that I found the claim to increase weight loss with 1-2 additional (yes, you read that right. Additional) lb’s weekly with a moderate workout – now keep in mind, this is without changing anything else but your clothes. Where to get it? The easiest way to get a sauna suit is probably online. However, you won’t be able to get as good guidance, as if you visited a professional sports store.

What is the best sweat suits for weight loss to get? 

Most of the suits available online are plastic or PVC. This contains the heat well, but they look flimsy and are claimed to be less durable than Neoprene. They might be good for a run, but if you're going to do a heavier workout, such as CrossFit, or contact-sports, You should probably go for a different material. The next thing you should think about is what kind of style you want. You can get a Onesie, but everyone who has ever worn a pantsuit knows the issues with this! An easier version to put on would be a top + bottom solution, even though this will never be 100% as enclosed as the one-piece.

Now, according to our top best sauna suit reviews, 5 out of 6 of the best sweat suits, are made from neoprene. And 4 of these are Kutting weight Neoprene weight loss sauna suits, so it would seem that neoprene is the way to go. However, what you should be aware of, is that even though neoprene is a more physically durable material, it is a bit more sensitive when it comes to cleaning.

Cleaning tips 

There are many ways to clean a plastic suit – some people shower with them on since this is the easiest. However, if you plan on doing this with a neoprene suit, I hope that you like cold showers. Warm water hurts the neoprene and makes it lose its flexibility, so the only real way of washing it, is by hand – in cold water, which could be a big inconvenience for some.

Start out by making your own! 

Plastic has another advantage over neoprene – it's easier to make! It is possible to make your makeshift sauna suit, by using plastic trash bags. The important thing is that you use duct tape or rubber bands to "shut in" your body on your wrists, ankles (waist if you're going for a 2-piece option) – and don't forget your neck.

Now, to sum it all up; should you, or should you not buy a sauna suit? If you’re in doubt, you can always start by making your own. Either way, let’s go through the pros and cons;

PRO of Sauna Suits

• Requires no extra effort to your workout schedule

• Offers quick results

• Relatively cheap product

• You can use it for every workout

CONS of Sauna Suits 

• You can risk overheating if the suit is not used correctly

• Extra washup after your workout

• Neoprene is hard to wash

• Plastic can be flimsy and fragile

Final Thought

Now remember, not all people feel that a sauna suit is the right choice for them. However, if you want the possibility of shedding a few extra pounds – while only adding a piece of clothing, it could be a great addition to the gym bag.

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