Becoming fit is usually one of the goals that most people have for the New Year. As such, people try to exercise to make themselves fit. Some people go to the gym and use treadmills. However, gym fees could be expensive and some people cannot afford them. Some people do not have the time to go the gym to work out because they might be tired from work. Thus, others purchase treadmills. However, treadmills could likewise be expensive and bulky. They could easily occupy your living room, which will make your home feel cluttered.

Luckily, there are some treadmills that are made affordable for those looking to get fit this upcoming year. So, are you looking for cheap treadmills to help you attain your fitness goals? Then, here is a guide that could help you achieve a healthier lifestyle this year. Let’s look at the best treadmills under $1000 to help you achieve your fitness goals despite being on a budget.

Best Treadmills Under $1000

Now that you have an idea of what type of treadmill to buy, let’s look at some of the treadmills that are currently available on Included in this review are the star ratings of the treadmills, their price, their advantages, and their disadvantages. Let’s look at the different treadmills, shall we?


The Ancheer Folding Electric Treadmill 502 has dimensions of 49.21 x 23.58 x 42.13 inches and folding dimensions of 47.25 (length) x 23.58 (width) x 9.45 inches (height). The running surface for this treadmill is 40.95 x 14.04 inches may be narrow for people with large running action. The treadmill also has a 1.5 HP DC motor and a belt speed of 10 mph which is more suitable for light level workouts such as walking.

This treadmill currently has 4½ stars on Amazon. The advantages and disadvantages of this particular treadmill are as follows:


  • Saves on space because it is foldable.
  • It has portable treadmill wheels, which makes it convenient to move around.
  • The LCD window console allows you to see your distance, heart rate, calories, speed, and time which would help you monitor your progress.
  • There are 12 training programs that give you the option to change the intensity of your workout according to your needs.
  • You can easily lubricate the running belt and the running board. All you have to do is put lubricant on the hole and allow the treadmill to run at maximum speed for a little while to allow the lubricant to be dispensed.
  • It has a 1-year warranty for the frame and 2-years warranty for the motor.


  • The running surface of the treadmill lacks width, which could make the user conscious of where they should place their feet when working out.
  • There is no option to further incline the treadmill.
  • The treadmill’s speed is low for high-intensity workouts.


The size of the Shayin Folding Electric Treadmill F900 is 63.8 x 8 x 27.6 inches and folding size of 39.0 x 27.6 x 54 inches. The belt speed for this treadmill is up to 9.2 miles per hour and has a 2 HP DC motor.

The current price of this treadmill is rated 5 stars on Amazon. The pros and cons of this particular treadmill is shown below:


  • It has a folding design that saves on space.
  • It comes with rolling wheels to provide easy transport.
  • It comes with 12 programs to help you develop your cardiovascular fitness, allow you to burn fat, and improve your overall health.
  • It has a multi-function display that shows your speed, distance, mode, heart rate, calories, and time.
  • It also comes with a hi-fi stereo and MP3 connectivity which allows you to listen to your favorite tunes as you run or walk.
  • There is a Safety Key that keeps you protected because you are figuratively connected to the treadmill.
  • You can also stop the treadmill by pressing a button on the handrail during emergencies.
  • There is a cushioning design on each side of the treadmill that reduces the noise and lessens the vibrations on your floor.


  • It does not have an incline for higher intensity work-outs
  • Motor needs to rest for at least 15 minutes for every 45 minutes to 1-hour workout.


The ZAAP TX4000 1470W Electric Motorized Treadmill has dimensions of 61 x 28.7 x 54 inches when in use and 36.2 x 28.7 x 54 inches while folded. The running surface for this treadmill is at 47.2 x 16.5 inches. The maximum belt speed for this particular treadmill is at 8.7 mph and the maximum user weight for this treadmill is at 287 pounds. The treadmill also boasts of 12 built in fitness programs and has a Multi-function LED display.

This particular treadmill has a rating of 4 stars on Amazon. The advantages and disadvantages of this particular treadmill are as follows:


  • The treadmill has an iPad/tablet stand.
  • It has a USB, 3.5mm jack input, and speakers to help you pass away the time as you run.
  • Has an onboard computer with 12 fitness programs.
  • They also have heart rate monitors located in the handles to make sure that your heart is working at the proper level.


  • The USB does not have enough voltage to charge your phone.
  • The speakers sound horrible and lack volume.
  • The connector that controls the whole treadmill could sometimes be poorly installed/defective.
  • The treadmill will sometimes not power on.
  • The connection needs to be wiggled around for power.


The size of the Wenslo Cadence R 5.2 treadmill is 69 x 29 x 54 inches and the size of the running surface is at 50 x 16 inches. This treadmill has a 2.25 HP impulse motor and a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Because of the low motor strength and the limited running surface, this particular treadmill is better suited for walking than running. The top belt speed for this treadmill is at 10 mph. The Wenslo Cadence R 5.2 treadmill has an incline option and the ramp could be adjusted by up to 15%.

This treadmill is currently rated 4 stars on Amazon. The pros and cons of this treadmill can be found below:


  • The treadmill is foldable, which saves on space.
  • The display screen tracks calories, time, distance, and heart rate.
  • The machine is quiet which, would allow you to hear other things better as you work out.


  • The incline is insignificant which is not advisable for high-intensity workouts.
  • No documentation of the programs on the console of the treadmill.
  • Sometimes it stops at random times.
  • The track could use more padding to make the foot landings quieter and safer for the joints.
  • It is narrower than gym treadmills so you have to be sure of your footing.


The dimensions for the Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill (SF-T4400) is at 62 x 27 x 50 inches when in use and 34.5 x 27 x 58 inches when folded for storage. This treadmill has a 2.2 peak HP drive motor and a running surface of 49 x 16 inches. The specifications shown in this treadmill shows that it is better suited for running than walking. The top belt speed for this treadmill is 9 mph and the weight capacity for this equipment is at 220 pounds. The ramp can be inclined by up to 5%, which could copy the effect of wind resistance and can help with the additional burning of calories. The Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill also has a media lounge that could support your smartphone or tablet computer.

Currently, this treadmill has a 4-star rating on Amazon. The advantages and disadvantages of this particular treadmill are as follows:


  • It has 9 programs to choose from.
  • The LCD Display Console shows time, calories, pulse, and distance.
  • It has 3 incline levels.
  • The treadmill can be folded for storage.
  • It has wheels to help you move the treadmill.


  • Does not have many settings.
  • The process of lubricating the machine is harder.
  • The calories and distance are under reported in the display.

Buying Guide of Best Treadmills under $1000:

So, you might be thinking about wanting to purchase a treadmill. However, you are at a loss about what type of treadmill to buy. The following steps should be useful for you in choosing your ideal treadmill:


When looking for a treadmill, you need to keep in mind the following:

Motor – Treadmills usually have two motors. One to make the belt move when you run or walk, and another motor to lower and raise the incline of your treadmill. If you plan on walking frequently, a 1.5 horsepower treadmill would be sufficient for your workout. However, for frequent runners, you should choose a treadmill with at least 2.5 – 3.0 horsepower.

Belt Size – The belt size for your treadmill should be around 48 inches long and 16 inches wide so you will have enough movement in your treadmill.

Speed – This is important for runners, especially because the speed of your treadmill will determine how fast you can go. An ideal speed for treadmills with runners in mind should be at least 10 mph or higher.

Incline – If possible, get a treadmill that could go up at least 10% to add more intensity to your workout

Cushioning – The running bed should absorb shock when you run or walk and the belt should stay in place with every foot-strike to help protect your knees and the other joints in your lower body.

Stability – The treadmill should not wobble when you walk or run on it. The frame should also be stable to make sure your treadmill is safe to use.

Control Panel – The panel should be simple to use and easily accessible. You wouldn’t want a treadmill that is a nightmare to use, would you?

Safety Features – The treadmill should have proper safety features to help prevent you from falling off.


When you look at your treadmills for your home, there are some considerations that you need to look at such as:

Space - How much space can you afford for your treadmill? Will the treadmill that you want fit in the space that you have? To make sure you have the necessary space for your treadmill, you need to measure the intended floor space and storage space (for folding treadmills). This will save you a lot of headache trying to fit your treadmill in the space you have allotted for it.

Intensity - Do you plan on running using your treadmill? Will you use your treadmill to walk? Considering these questions would allow you to decide on the motor power of your treadmill. The intensity of your workout is connected to the motor power of the treadmill that you need to buy. When you plan to have high intensity workouts, you need a treadmill that has high motor power. However, low motor power is sufficient for leisurely or brisk walking using your treadmill.

The intensity of the work out also affects the cushioning for your treadmill. Runners should have a higher amount of cushioning to protect themselves from injury. So really, the intended use of your treadmill plays a part on the motor power and the cushioning that you will require.

Price - How much are you willing to spend for your treadmill? Are you willing to go above or below your budget to get the treadmill that you want? You need to consider the price that you are willing to pay to make sure that you stay on budget. However, you need to consider that the difference between treadmills can be significant even though they have similar prices.

Features - When looking at the features of a particular treadmill, you need to consider the following questions: Will the feature help me with my fitness goals? Do I really need the features of this treadmill? Deciding on the features of your treadmill would ultimately allow you to buy a treadmill that is useful towards your fitness goals. It also might help you save money because you do not have to pay for features that you do not need for your treadmill.


When selecting a treadmill, you need to look at the following to make sure that your treadmill is in good condition before purchasing it:

  • The movement of the belt for the treadmill is smooth.
  • The treadmill should have an automatic slow-start speed and an electronic stop button as a safety precaution.
  • Look for front hand-rails instead of side-hand rails which could disrupt your balance because they might hinder your arm swing.
  • If within your budget, look for a treadmill with an incline capacity to add intensity to your workouts. However, beware of inclines with hydraulic pistons because these types might not be able to support your weight and your treadmill might break frequently and easily.


When your intention is to run using your treadmill, you need to look for the following features:

  • Choose a treadmill with a belt speed of 0.5 to 12 mph
  • Select at least a 3.0 CHP (continuous horsepower) motor for your treadmill. The power of your treadmill should be determined by your weight or the intensity of your workout. The heavier you weigh, or the higher the intensity of your workout, the higher the horsepower needed for your treadmill.
  • Get a good cooling system for your motor to avoid wire burn.
  • Get a treadmill that has approximately 30% cushioning to protect your joints.
  • Select a treadmill with a low-maintenance belt because they are designed for smooth running with hardly any maintenance needed.
  • Select a treadmill with a power incline of 15-20 percent to allow for higher intensity workouts.
  • Get treadmills that provide accurate data about your speed, distance, calories, and heart rate so that you’d be able to clearly see how much you are getting out of your workout.
  • If possible, choose a treadmill that allows you to save your profile so that you’d be able to get better data, especially your estimated calorie burn.


If the purpose for your treadmill is walking during those days that you can’t go outside, you can consider the following tips before you choose your treadmill:

  • If your intention for your treadmill is to walk, you can generally spend less on a treadmill and still be happy with your choice.
  • If you have a specific budget, you can purchase a treadmill with 2.5 CHP. However, it is advisable to purchase a treadmill with a 3.0 CHP if the regular user weighs more than 200 pounds or if the machine is going to be used heavily.
  • Select a treadmill with an incline option to add variety and challenge to your workouts.
  • Choose a treadmill with as much workout programs as you can on the budget that you have.
  • Look out for extras that come with your treadmill. These extras could include a cooling fan, a water bottle holder, and a secure holder for a tablet computer, among others.


Choosing a treadmill really depends on your budget. There are treadmills that can cost thousands of dollars, and there are treadmills available for less than one thousand dollars. Basically, how much you should spend on your treadmill should be determined by your budget and the purpose of the equipment.

Final Thought

After careful consideration of the treadmills discussed, the best treadmill would have to be the Shayin Folding Electric Treadmill F900. “Why?” You might ask. First off, among all the treadmills, this is the only one that has a 5-star rating on Amazon. This means that this treadmill is universally loved by its users. Then, it has most of the features that the other treadmills have on this list.

The other treadmills don’t have the safety features found on the Shayin Folding Electric Treadmill F900. Other treadmills also do not provide a cushioning design on their treadmill that would make their treadmill quieter, and allow for less vibrations on your floor. Finally, this treadmill has better stereo and MP3 connectivity, which provides better music to listen to as you work out.

 Now that there are best treadmills under $1000, getting fit has become more affordable. People would have less reason not to get fit for the upcoming year. So, is your goal to get fit but you do not have the time or have a big budget to do so? Besides, you can purchase a treadmill under $500 by using our reviews for a fitter and healthier 2018.

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