How To Use an Inversion Table – Crazy Fitness Tips

An inversion table can help improve your health if you learn and have proper use of inversion table for your exercise. Although it might appear challenging before trying it and during your first few exercises, you will find out for yourself how fun it gradually gets. Another reason that might make you think its exercises are hard because you are wrongly using it. I want you to enjoy your exercises and help you keep fit and healthy. As a result, I have provided crazy tips that would guide you through your inversion exercises. Have fun!

How to use an inversion table

I advise my readers that you should not try too hard doing this exercise. You do not need a lot of energy in trying to do the right thing because you risk getting an injury. Also, I advise that you make sure you follow tips on how to exercise using an inversion table. If you are too lazy to read these instructions, have an instructor to guide you in doing the right thing. If you follow these tips, you will exercise enjoy your exercise and do it for a very long time- and the longer the period, the more fit and healthier you are. For safety purpose, do not invert without the presence of a person nearby.

I prepared these 6-step guidelines for you to determine what to do and how to do it.

Step 1

Inversion tables are accompanied with instructions of how to adjust them, according to various manufacturers. However, general directions of adjusting the inversion tables are as follows;

• Adjust it according to your height

• While resting, make sure your head do no exceed the edge of the bed. it should comfortably lie on the table

Step 2

180 degrees

Once you are through with step 1, it is time to adjust it according to the degree you want for your inversion. This is where you should be careful with what you want and what you actually need.

• For beginners, it is important that you start with a 60-90 degree adjustment for your inversion. You do not want to try too hard during your first exercises because you risk injuring yourself.

• Gradually, you might increase the degree as you are getting used to the exercises until you reach the maximum 180 degrees.

While your muscles and bones have not been doing the exercise, they should be given time to adapt to new changes. That is why you do not need to rush into doing inversions.

Inversions have safety straps-most of them-, therefore make sure you have adjusted them whenever you are inverting. You wouldn’t want to see a doctor for an injured head for this trust. You might be “banned” from this exercise. So ensure you are safe.

 Step 3

This is where the fun begins. Relieve any tensions you might have. You are not sky scrapping.

• stand with your back against the inversion table

• Place your feet in the footrests on the table and make sure they are held by the bar and lock them as shown above.

• Lean towards the table and make a rotation for an inversion.

• Do it slowly.

• Do not tense, but if you do, you can hold the table’s handles.

Step 4

This is where the real exercise begins. Ensure that your mind is well prepared for the exercise and so is your body.

• After you rotate, relax in your new position- inverted

• inhale deeply with your nose and exhale with your mouth

• Remain in that position until you are relaxed and comfortable for as long as it can take.

• It is normal for first-time users to feel that way- well, I was too.

• After two to three minutes of getting back into the reality, start performing the exercise.

• Do it for a period of ten to twenty minutes, depending on your stamina.

Step 5

You can do a lot in this position, but it is a timely process and also depends on what exercise you want to perform.

• It is time to let go your arms off the table handles (if you held them) and stretches them towards the ground. You elongate your spine by doing this.

• Stretch your back while in the position.

• Make sure your abdominal muscles are part of this exercise.

• While at it, glide your shoulders towards your back.

• Remain in this position for as long as 30-60 seconds as your beginner’s aim.

Again, depending on the exercise you want to do, the inversion table is suitable. The above example is abs exercise and only shows how other exercises can be performed with the inversion table.

Step 6

• After you are finished with your routine exercise, hold the handles and pull yourself up.

• Rotate slowly towards an upright position to avoid feeling dizzy.

• As a precaution, do not unlock your feet before you feel steady to get out of it.

Does inversion table really work? that is common question of anyone who really care of their health and want to relieve their pain naturally. And the answer is Yes? 


Inversion tables are the best relieve for all back pain. Instead of going for a painful back surgery, try inversion tables, and you will notice a significant change. You will not need medication with this. While some have side effects, it leaves inversion tables as the best alternative to healing your long disturbing back pain. The recommended inversion table to heal all kinds of back pain is the Teeter Inversion table. Before considering any inversion exercise, seek your doctor’s recommendation. It is a safety health precaution.

1. Get rid of your lower back pain

Lower back pain is triggered by a pulled ligament. This can happen when an individual has performed a heavy task such as lifting a heavy load or making a sudden movement. Another possible cause can be injury picked from a vigorous activity. Also, you can easily determine that you haven’t sat or stood in the right posture because you start experiencing pain in the lower back.

Although these are causes for minor pain, back pain can get acute, and this is where the problem sets in. Daily life activities that are unavoidable can lead to long-lasting pain. The teeter inversion table can help you relieve and even heal these pains.

When you use the inversion table, it helps you stretch your body and elongate your back. Using your body as the stretching weight, your muscles will be relaxed, and the pain will disappear. Your back will heal naturally without using any medication.

Save yourself some money and obtain this machine instead of making a series of visits to your pharmacists for painkillers. Go for a real pain killer- inversion table. You will spend a little more, but it will be worth it. Trust me.

 2. inversion table for sciatica! Simply end it.

Inversion tables can help heal an individual with sciatica. The pain develops from lower back pain because the sciatic nerve is long and extends towards the upper leg. This complication can be caused by pregnancy in women because the sciatic nerve is put under pressure by the condition. Another possible cause is the muscle imbalance, which can trigger nerve pain in sciatic. The problem can

Regular exercises with the teeter inversion will not only be fun but fruitful. You don’t have to strain too much with this exercise. Just do a total of 3 per day and rest. Your problem can’t disappear in one day. You just have to relax and follow simple guidelines. In just a matter of a month, you will find out that the pain has decreased or disappeared.

3. Repair and relieve your herniated discs and pain

By applying the simple tricks described in the 6 steps above, you can repair your herniated discs and even get rid of pain. For those who might be wondering what these discs are and their function in a human body, I’ve got you covered.

How to use an inversion table for herniated disc

Our backbones have vertebrae, which each one of them separated by a disc. These discs absorb shock and offer an opening for penetration of nerves. A herniated disc is as a result of normal daily activity, whereby your vertebra is pulled by gravity, causing these discs to compress. You start feeling some pain as a result.

Now you know how the inverted table will help. As a reminder, your body is pulled by gravity and elongates the spine, repairing the discs and relieving pain. Do it on a regular basis, and you will kiss the pain goodbye.

How to use an inversion table to improve Circulatory System

Did you know that inversion tables can help cure some problems related to blood and improve your circulation system? Let me inform you. I told you it would be fun reading this article.

I. Improve the circulation of your blood without seeing a doctor

I know you know other ways you can improve blood circulation in your body. Did you also know that inversion table enhances blood circulation as well? You probably didn’t, and you are wondering how that could be possible.

When you turn upside down (inverted), your heart doesn’t need extra energy to pump blood into some parts of the body, especially the brain. Gravity saves it all. It pulls blood from your heart into the brain. This facilitates circulation of more oxygenated blood into your brain. Don’t think twice about getting this machine because you will need it.

II. Improve your heart function

Probably by now you are convinced that the inversion table can do more than just improving blood circulation. Considering the above explanation about the functioning of the heart, it does not have to work as hard when you are on an inversion table. Blood circulation is made easy throughout your body and brain. Your heart works less, and as a result, you improve its functioning. Before doing an inversion, check with your doctor to find out if your heart is in good condition for this.

The inversion table is not some kind of magic. It is the healing process, and a highly recommended one. It has few or almost no side effects.

III. Gets rid of varicose veins

Inversion tables help pull blood from lower extremities. This means that all the blood which is in the lower part of your body is drawn back into the upper body by gravity. Varicose veins are as a result of blood pooling in these lower parts. When you turn upside down using an inversion table and do it on a regular basis, the problem disappears completely.

IV. What about high blood pressure?

At this moment, you can predict how the inversion table and high blood pressure are related. Well, you are right. No, it’s not crazy. When you are inverted, your body relaxes and so is your heart. The rate of pumping blood is reduced, and blood pressure reduces in effect. Some people with high blood pressure, who have used the inversion table, can attest to this.


If you haven’t experienced any of the above pains, you might have had, have, or you will experience at least one of the following in future.

Healing Cervical Spinal Stenosis

This complication affects the neck region. The spinal cord in the neck narrows, leading to a stiff neck and triggers regular pain after it has developed. Because the spinal cord is connected to the back, the infection can extend to shoulders and eventually the neck.

This is the serious pain because it can lead to profound health problems. When ligaments in the neck vertebrae thicken, they damage the cartilage, making an individual feel a lot of pain, often increasing into an unbearable one.

Medication can relieve pain but cannot get rid of it. The best therapy for this is an inversion table.

Doing regular exercises with the inversion table will help stretch ligaments more gently and intoxicate the cartilage to give it room for healing. If you have been experiencing this pain for quite some time, it is time you got rid of it.

Improve your posture

Inverted tables serve almost one purpose. When you exercise using an inverted table, your posture is enhanced. Your vertebrae are pulled when you are upside down, elongating your spine and maintain the normal posture.

Decrease stress

When you invert, your hormones are shifted in search a way that reduces stress. Inversion also reduces muscle tension, causing relieve your stress.

Improve the immune system

If you regularly exercise using the inversion table, you reduce risks of getting sick often. Your body system is intoxicated because gravity allows circulation of �cleansing’ to move around your body.

These and other more benefits of the inversion table should make you make a move towards acquiring one of the machines. You will realize that it is the best decision you could ever make in your life.


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