Weider pro 4300 home gym review 2018: why it’s best?

Weider Pro 4300 Home Gym Review

Getting fit is in most people’s plans, especially that the holidays have hit the calendars. To maintain your figure and keep a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise is needed, along with a balanced diet.

While people may be more comfortable hitting gyms, some prefer the convenience of losing pounds with the Weider Home Gym.

Why You Need a Home Gym?

Aside from the fact that you don’t have to go out to work out, the ideal home gym provides you with a flexible workout schedule – you can work out anytime you want. Your workout plan is also versatile, as you can switch from one piece of equipment to another.

The Real Deal with Weider Pro 4300

Weider Pro 4300 is an excellent investment for anyone who considers building a home gym. This product features various exercises and routines to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Weider Pro 4300

Benefits of Weider Pro Home Gym:

•    Its portable pieces of equipment can be stored easily in a room.

•    It is convenient and user-friendly.

•    It does not consume a lot of space.


•    It has a chest press bar that is good for the development of your pectorals.

•    It has a row pulley that tones your back muscles.

•    It also comes with a leg curl machine and an adjustable bar to build muscles in your limbs.

•    Its strength pulleys make you move easily.

•    The Weider Pro 4300 is sturdy and rust-resistant.

•    It has a comfortable, adjustable seat, and ankle straps for extra safety as you exercise.

•    Weider Pro Home Gym comes with a manual to help you with the various training, that is, if you don’t have a coach yet. This home gym has been manufactured for both amateur and professional trainers.

•    It also comes with a 90-day warranty, so you can return your purchase if you’re not satisfied with the performance of the product.


•    The seat is sewn to provide ultimate comfort despite your vigorous training.

•    Weider Pro 4300 can be stored without occupying much space.

•    It can be used by both pros and newbies.

•    Its structure is made of a powerful and rust-resistant steel frame.

•    Ankle straps keep your legs comfortable as you perform leg curls. Besides, leg rollers also massage your legs to prevent cramps and muscle spasms.

•    There are low rows and lat pull bars, chest fly, and chest press.

•    You can do up to 55 exercises and routines using the home gym.

•    There is a guide or exercise chart provided.


•    Weider Pro Home Gym needs to be assembled, and this could take time.

•    There are no nutritional guides given.

•    People with bigger and taller frames might consider the home gym more useful.

Weider Pro 4300 can be bought at 335 USD.

The Competition

Weider Pro Home Gym VS Body-Solid Strength Tech EXM2500S

This review wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive account of Weider Pro’s rivals? One of them is Body-Solid Strength Tech EXM2500S.

Although it costs so much more at 1,249 USD, the home gym is likewise popular among trainers. It has a simple design, but it provides maximum performance and complete workout. It can even perform the most difficult and demanding exercises.

Body-Solid Strength Tech includes a lat bar, a utility strap, straight bar – all framed in solid steel. It has patented Durafirm pads that give users ultimate stability and comfort. These pads prevent back strains and other related injuries. Though the equipment requires low maintenance, it is highly durable. It is indeed a promising product, but if it creates holes in your pockets, then might as well purchase a home gym that is cheaper yet offers the same features.

Weider Pro Home Gym VS Sportmad

Another popular home gym equipment is Sportmad. However, this just includes a pair of dumbbell racks. The dumbbells and frames are made of solid steel. It also comes with rubber end caps to protect the user and to prevent any scratches on the floor. Sportmad is likewise ideal for anyone who wants a home gym. Its assembly takes an hour, which is faster compared to Weider Pro Home Gym.

The downside, however, is that it’s sometimes hard to adjust the steel, especially if you’re already working out. Unlike Weider Pro, it does not provide a full range of exercises, so you’re limited to weight lifting.

Weider Pro 4300 VS BodyBoss Home Gym

There is one more home gym that rivals Weider Pro 4300: BodyBoss Home Gym, which is rather too feminine for a guy’s taste. It comes in a fuschia pink motif and is portable enough for women to carry around.

For 199 USD, one can bring the gym wherever he goes. This home gym was designed to simulate the gym machines and bulky training equipment, and combine them into one portable workout buddy. It’s compact and lightweight.

It is more affordable than Weider Pro, but it does not offer a variety of exercises. BodyBoss is good for a few routines, but it might cost you more should you want to buy another piece of equipment. In this department, Weider Pro still wins, for you get almost all types of equipment in a single package.

Weider Pro VS Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym

The last home gym to be pitted against Weider Pro is Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym, which costs around 400 USD. It looks easy to store, and its promise of multifunctionality is evident in its chest press and pulleys. It is the closest, by far, to Weider Pro Home Gym. It also has premium steel for frames and a weight stack lock to avoid stress in your muscles. Somehow, Marcy is Weider’s toughest competition.

Its edge is that it’s easy to assemble – it might not take two hours. It’s also durable and rust-resistant.

Despite these equally impressive rivals, Weider Pro would still be a better buy. It doesn’t only provide flexibility and multifunctionality, but it also considers your comfort and safety. Not all home gyms were designed with sewn seats and ankle straps to prevent any discomfort and injuries. Other home gym equipment may look sleek, but they may fall short of add-on for comfort. If you’re planning on getting fit at home, Weider Pro Home Gym is your best bet!

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